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2004.01.26   Working meeting of the Pskov Administration Commision on juvenile delinquency took place

Working meeting of the Pskov Administration Commision on Juvenile Delinquency took place on December, 24. The following issues were discussed: about the work of Commision on juvenile delinquency of Loknyanskii and Pskovskii districts, about the realization of the Federal law "About the system of juvenile deliquency and homelessness prevention", about the results of the interdepartamental prevention effort "Podrostok", which was conducted on the territory Pskov Oblast in 2003, about organisation of summer rest for teenagers in 2003.

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2004.01.26   Recommendations of the All-Russia seminar in asocial behavior prevention among teenagers and youth

24.12.2003 As part of the project “Drug Addiction and Asocial Behavior Prevention among Youth, Legal support and Youth Mental Health” (federal program "Russian Youth" 2001-2005) Youth Policy Department of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation conducted “The All-Russia Seminar in asocial behavior prevention among teenagers and youth” in the Northern-Western Federal okrug(region) (November, 21-23, Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad oblast. Representatives of the federal and regional authorities, researchers, specialists in youth issues, foreign professionals from Ukraine and Finland participated.

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2004.01.26   Gosnarcocontrol – the structure, able to enforce laws

27.12.2003 One of the main goals of the State Drug Control Department(Gosnarkokontrol) work is coordination of activities of all organizations, working in drug prevention field. You can learn about it from the speech of Boris Tselinsky, the Head of Gosnarcocontrol Department for inter-agency cooperation in drug prevention during the First working meeting of the Head Children Narcologists of the Russian Federation Regional Health Departments.

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2004.01.25   The first center for the children suffering from drug addiction is created in Kaliningrad.

The new psycologo-pedagogical rehabilitation center for suffering from severe drug addiction is ready to receive the new visitors. The center has 38 beds. It is under jurisdiction of the regional education department. All the three buildings have the conditions needed to provide the addicted children with all kind of medical and psychological help.

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2004.01.25   The competition for Russian President and Government Award in education is announced.

The council on the Russian President and Government Awards in education announces a competition for the 2003 award. The documents and materials can be submitted after February 2 no later then March 31(the President Award) and April 30 (Russian Government Award). More information about the competition is available on the Ministry of Education web-site.

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2004.01.25   The results of the competitions “I choose life” and “I don’t smoke and I like it” in Velikii Novgorad.

The awards of the annual competition of journalists, writing about healthy life style “Choose life” were given to the winners by the Mayor of Veliki Novgograd Nikolai Grazhdankin. This year another award was created - an award for the best PR campaign against smoking, which was awarded to a student of the NOVGU. The head of the NGO “Center for psychological rehabilitation and social adaptation and legal support GRANI” Anatloii Fadeev also received a thank you letter from the Novgorod administration and the right for free publications in the regional newspaper.

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2004.01.25   Petrozavodsk teachers want to continue implementing DOM curriculum at schools.

The staff of the Department for Prevention of Crime Connected with Illegal Drug Circulation made a presentation in the Petrozavodsk city administration about their collaboration with educational institutions in drug and criminal behavior prevention. The police officers from this department conducted DOM program lessons, participated in the summer camps activities and organized competitions of paintings and poems.

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2004.01.13   DOM training in Murmansk

December 5-6, 2003 Murmansk Center for Social health of youth and family planning conducted a two-day seminar - training. 16 participants, among them school psychologists, social pedagogues and juvenile inspectors, were introduced to the DOM program, learned about the methods of working with teenagers in negative behavior prevention, discussed problems they have to encounter in their routine work and possible ways to solve those problems.

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2003.12.25   International Conference of the "Juvenile drug enforcement and prevention program"

Professionals working with teenagers exchanged experience at the international final conference of the "Juvenile Drug Enforcement and Prevention Program", which took place in Moscow, in hotel "Mezhdunarodnaya", December 8-9. About 50 professionals from such fields as psychology, education, social work and law enforcement participated in the conference. They represented the following regions: the republic of Karelia, Murmansk, Volgograd, Kaliningrad regions, Velikii Novgorod and Sibirien cities. The conference was organized by the American non-profit organisation "Project Harmony".

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2003.11.25   Young generation XXI: pressing issues of social-psychological health

International congress « Young generation of the 21st century» took place November 3-6 in Minsk. It was supported by State pedagogical university of Byelorussia, named after Maksim Tank and Ministry of education of the Byelorussia. The aim of the congress: establishing professional contacts between the specialists from the republic of Byelorussia, NIS states and international community, who work in the sphere of psychological health support of children and youth, and exchange of practical experience and organizing international and interdisciplinary creative collaboration.

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